Weekly Update – 7/19/17

Hello, Internet! First off, I've got to say - I love my family. They know quite well that I'm a recluse by nature. This past weekend was a family reunion, and for me it's wonderful that they're willing to let me skulk in the corner with a book for large portions of the day.   … Continue reading Weekly Update – 7/19/17


Weekly Update – 5/24/17

Hello, Internet! I'm actually on time this week. Like, really on time. Like, on Wednesday as I've intended. Weird, eh? Feels good. That being said, I've honestly not been terribly productive this week. It is what it is, but I wish I had gotten more done. Entirely my fault - I'm easily distracted by video … Continue reading Weekly Update – 5/24/17

Weekly Update – 5/18/17

Hello, Internet! I'm very, very, very happy to say that I've got a second draft done of "act one" of The Rule of Iron! This currently works out to be the first five chapters, but I wouldn't be surprised if chapter divisions change up at some point in the future. Calling this segment "act one" isn't to … Continue reading Weekly Update – 5/18/17

Weekly Update – 5/4/17

Hello, Internet! This week was a bit haphazard, with the switchover from Camp NaNoWriMo in April (aka, Camp Research-because-you-don't-know-what-you're-doing) to May, where I'm planning to try just bearing down as hard as I can on The Rule of Iron. Overall I feel pretty satisfied with my progress, slow though it is. I finished the line edits … Continue reading Weekly Update – 5/4/17