Weekly Update – 4/26/17

Hello, Internet! Things are going aright over here. This week was a bit of a mishmash, since I was waiting for books to come in. Still waiting, but at least one of them came in (The Kingdom of the Hittites by Trevor Bryce) so I've been able to dive back down the rabbit-hole of research. … Continue reading Weekly Update – 4/26/17

Weekly Update – 4/19/17

Hello, Internet! First off, I'd like to apologize for not getting an update up last week. Not too sure what happened - it just slipped my mind. I'm not sure there was anything particularly exciting going on, but nonetheless. My apologies. Spent a bunch of time working on research and architecture-ing these last few weeks. … Continue reading Weekly Update – 4/19/17

Under the Stars

This is the prologue to another work I will be writing someday: The Fall of Jiharel. It's probably my favorite story idea rattling around upstairs. I've also got material which is a bad first chapter of the narrative proper, but none of that is really ready for reading. I do like my prologue to the piece, though, and hope you all find enjoyment from it