Behind the Scenes #5

This week was the end of the month, which means it's time for another behind-the-scenes post! Over on my Patreon page! Sorry, everyone. Wanna read what I've been up to, and what I'm scheming for the future? You should check me out over there. It's super helpful for me keeping the lights on, cat fed, … Continue reading Behind the Scenes #5


REVIEW: Tress of the Emerald Sea

This review is spoiler-free. Last year, fantasy monolith Brandon Sanderson revealed that he'd been cheating on fans of his in-progress series by writing even more books. This culminated in a record-breaking Kickstarter which raised millions of dollars to fund four new novels in high quality premium editions. As a complete and total Sanderson fanboy, obviously … Continue reading REVIEW: Tress of the Emerald Sea

The Astrologer

The candle's little amber flame at last melted its wax just enough to let the bronze nail's heaviness pull itself free, to fall upon the copper candle-stand. The circular disc—bent upward along the rim, like a cymbal—chimed twice, as the nail bounced on the thin-beaten copper. As the stand trembled, the first clear sound fuzzed … Continue reading The Astrologer

Humans, the Half-Made

Let us return this week to exploring Akhelas, the First Land, in the setting of the Endless Lands. My previous post began exploring the setting's creation and cosmology. For today, let's talk about humanity. The origin of humans in the Endless Lands begins with a folk story, "How Papa Thrun Earned His Wings." I largely … Continue reading Humans, the Half-Made

Behind the Scenes #4

Well we've got April out of the way, which means I get to have a nice long ramble about what I've done last month, and what I plan to get done in May. And as usual, I've done that ramble over on my Patreon page. I do these as backers-only posts because giving a peek … Continue reading Behind the Scenes #4

REVIEW: Duckpac

In 1982 Chaosium published the innovative species-specific "splatbook" Trollpak. This boxed set detailed the culture, religion, history, and society of the Uz—called trolls by humans—thereby fleshing this species out as a player option, rather than a statblock. It seems rather fitting that a nice, round forty years later indie publisher Legion Games began to release … Continue reading REVIEW: Duckpac

REVIEW: Yamadonga

This review contains general spoilers for the film Yamadonga, but tries not to reveal specific twists. My introduction to Indian cinema came through the Glorantha community's recommendation of the fantasy epic Baahubali. I fell in love with director S. S. Rajamouli's vibrant duology almost immediately. In short, it feels like an Indian Lord of the … Continue reading REVIEW: Yamadonga

New Release! To Hunt a God

Hello all! Quick post to share that the full release of To Hunt a God is available on the Jonstown Compendium. You can get it here. This 139-page publication includes: The longform cult of Hrunda, God of Bluepaw Monkeys, including rules for creating new adventurers, new Rune spells, and path to shamanhood. The macabre Temple of the Bones at … Continue reading New Release! To Hunt a God

Calling on Ernalda

This week's post is a short story I wrote to explore what the process of summoning and binding an earth elemental in RuneQuest feels like to the characters. Originally I was planning to set this at the Clearwine Earth Temple, but my fingers put it in Sylthi instead. Hah, oh well! The story's RuneQuest mechanics … Continue reading Calling on Ernalda


For this week's book I've got a lovely small-press treasure by Tolkien scholar Richard W. Rohlin: Akborítha, to which is appended The Songs of the Seven Cities. I stumbled across this work courtesy of the God Learners podcast interviewing JM DeFoggi and Evan Franke, because JM mentioned a forthcoming roleplaying game which intrigued me, Amboria: … Continue reading REVIEW—Akborítha