Humanizing Hitler

This is a thought which has needled me long enough, I believe it's worth attempting to phrase coherently, and publicly. A month or two ago, I watched Downfall. This film is about Hitler, and about the end of the Nazi regime as the Soviets invaded Berlin. As usual, before I chose to watch this movie I scrolled … Continue reading Humanizing Hitler


Weekly Update – 5/23/18

Hello, Internet! Just gonna hop into it. Reading So last week I set a focus on reading The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan, and then The Dragon's Legacy and The Forbidden City by Deborah Wolf. I've gotten through The Silk Roads, and I'll mostly be talking about that this week. I'm also about a third of the way through The Dragon's … Continue reading Weekly Update – 5/23/18

Weekly Update – 10/25/17

Hello, Internet! Busy week. Need more coffee. Reading All of my reading this week has been for class. Not a bad thing; just a true thing. I've disappeared down the rabbit hole of history once again. Research is fun, but time consuming. I've gathered most of my materials on Alcibiades (ranging from ancient oratory and … Continue reading Weekly Update – 10/25/17