Weekly Update – 1/10/18

Hello Internet! New year, same me. I've given it a whole 30 seconds of thought (lavish, eh?) and decided that YES I do still enjoy doing these posts this way, so welcome to another year of me blathering words onto a screen and then screaming them out into the Void. As usual, I'll be blabbering … Continue reading Weekly Update – 1/10/18

The End of the Year Post

Hello, Internet! We've collectively completed yet another trip 'round the big glowy blob, which means that once again I have acquired the obligation to babble about the voyage. The last few weeks have been a little bit of a journey in their own right - driving 350 miles south, then flying about a thousand out … Continue reading The End of the Year Post

Weekly Update – 12/6/17

Hello, Internet! This week's been unproductive, though not necessarily difficult. I'm not sure why. Often, when I'm unproductive it means there's something going on, but I've yet to puzzle it out. So, I'll just go ahead with what did/didn't get done, and see if something emerges as I go. Reading I've not gotten to read … Continue reading Weekly Update – 12/6/17

Weekly Update – 11/29/17

Hello, Internet! Week's been okay. A bit less frenetic than the last, which is always good. Let's get to it, shall we? Reading I've not had an enormous amount of reading time this week - at least, freely-chosen reading time. I spent some time with Plutarch and Thucydides while wrapping up the article for my Master's, … Continue reading Weekly Update – 11/29/17

Weekly Update – 11/15/17

Hello, Internet! I'm going to be super-short because it's here. Oathbringer is here. It's sitting on the desk right next to me, staring at me, TAUNTING ME. But I owe y'all an update, so that's happening. Reading I read stuff. Mostly school stuff, and some Aristophanes. The Birds was funnier than I expected, and Lysistrata is still great. Reading Oathbringer this … Continue reading Weekly Update – 11/15/17

Weekly Update – 10/31/17

Hello, Internet! And Happy Halloween, too! The date is relevant - it's why I'm writing & posting this a day early. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! Yay!! Yay? Reading My reading's been light this week again. Unfortunately most of what I've read has been strictly for either class or my Alcibiades article. None of what I've been … Continue reading Weekly Update – 10/31/17

Weekly Update – 10/25/17

Hello, Internet! Busy week. Need more coffee. Reading All of my reading this week has been for class. Not a bad thing; just a true thing. I've disappeared down the rabbit hole of history once again. Research is fun, but time consuming. I've gathered most of my materials on Alcibiades (ranging from ancient oratory and … Continue reading Weekly Update – 10/25/17

Weekly Update – 10/11/17

Hello, Internet! Books books books, books books. I'm going to talk about books. Reading I finished my re-read of The Way of Kings sometime on Monday, and I've started re-reading Words of Radiance in preparation for when Oathbringer drops in November. Considering The Way of Kings is about a thousand pages, and I'm a few hundred into Words, either I … Continue reading Weekly Update – 10/11/17

Weekly Update – 10/4/17

Hello, Internet! Honestly, I don't have a lot to report this week. I'm easily distracted, and was distracted by game stuff this week. I've been playing in a RuneQuest game now for about a year, year and a half, but I haven't run a tabletop in some time. A few friends have been looking for … Continue reading Weekly Update – 10/4/17