Hello, Internet!

I’m Austin, and I occasionally write things that I dare to believe might be interesting to someone else. My goal is to post those things on here about once per week. It could be a review, it could be an op-ed-like article, or it could be something utterly different. Might even end up being a sneak-peek at some of my larger projects. I make no promises on what will be published, but they’ll likely show up in the middle of the night on Wednesdays.

A little about me; I read constantly, but most consistently in fantasy. I’ve been reading fantasy since I was little – Harry Potter was good, but I most loved the stories of Redwall which Brian Jacques told – and figured that I may as well try my hand at writing it. I’ve been enjoying the process, so I started this site in hopes of having a bit of an audience should I either get something picked up through traditional publishing or if I should decide to self-publish. My favorite authors are the pretty common list of Tolkien, Jordan, Sanderson (good God he writes a lot), and Rothfuss.

I also read quite a bit of nonfiction, although it’s mostly philosophy and classics. I graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy from Gustavus Adolphus College in May 2015, and may end up going off to graduate school in the future. I’m most interested in metaphysics and ethics – and the interaction between the two – and have lately picked up an interest in Homeric literature and the Mycenaean civilization (the two are related but distinct as I understand it). Expect half-scholarly articles or reviews of books I’ve read on these topics to show up every now and then.

Musically, I’m a metal fan, especially the symphonic stuff. Dream Theater, Symphony X, Epica, bands like that. I don’t anticipate that I’d be doing content based upon music, but it’s not impossible (there exist some novels based upon concept albums, which I could see myself doing a series of reviews discussing).

Anyway. Hope there was something of interest in the above, Internet. More importantly, I hope