Weekly Update – 6/27/18

Hello, internet! Before I dig into what I've been up to this week, I'd like to give a quick shoutout to Summer Games Done Quick. I've mentioned GDQ on here before, but to rehash: they're a charity which does two videogame marathons each year to fundraise for a selected charity. This marathon's donating to Doctors … Continue reading Weekly Update – 6/27/18

Weekly Update – 6/6/18

Hello, Internet! I'm going to try being brief this week, since I'm in the middle of working on a thing and want to get back to it. Being intentionally vague here (more on that below). Forward! Reading I've continued to chip away at Moby-Dick this past week. I'd say I'm somewhere between a third and halfway … Continue reading Weekly Update – 6/6/18

Weekly Update – 5/30/18

Hello, Internet! Books, books, so many books. I feel like, overall, this past week's been rather productive. I managed to get through The Dragon's Legacy, and then move forward and read the newly released sequel, The Forbidden City (both by Deborah Wolf). I've also made some slow, but solid progress on my short story revision. I'll be … Continue reading Weekly Update – 5/30/18

Weekly Update – 5/23/18

Hello, Internet! Just gonna hop into it. Reading So last week I set a focus on reading The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan, and then The Dragon's Legacy and The Forbidden City by Deborah Wolf. I've gotten through The Silk Roads, and I'll mostly be talking about that this week. I'm also about a third of the way through The Dragon's … Continue reading Weekly Update – 5/23/18

This Is A Post

Hello, Internet! Been a while, hasn't it? Some days (weeks, months) life catches up on you in an unexpected way. Between editing, school stuff, work stuff (the "pays the bills" kind of work) and family stuff, I've struggled to find time to hammer out a bit of blather on the blog. So unsurprisingly, I do … Continue reading This Is A Post

Weekly Update – 4/11/18

Hello, Internet! This week's been a bit of a mixed bag, I think. I've done a ton of reading, but I haven't spent the time I'd like on my writing. Reading My plan last week was to be reading from Ursula LeGuin's Planet of Exile and Walter Burket's Greek Religion. I've done a lot of reading this … Continue reading Weekly Update – 4/11/18

Weekly Update – 4/4/18

Hello, Internet! Sometimes a book, TV show, or series of films enters my life. Occasionally it's expected (or half-expected). More often, it's a pleasant surprise. In any case, it almost always derails what I had in mind for my immediate future. Such was this week. Reading This week, I spent much of my time reading The … Continue reading Weekly Update – 4/4/18