Weekly Update – 4/19/17

Hello, Internet! First off, I'd like to apologize for not getting an update up last week. Not too sure what happened - it just slipped my mind. I'm not sure there was anything particularly exciting going on, but nonetheless. My apologies. Spent a bunch of time working on research and architecture-ing these last few weeks. … Continue reading Weekly Update – 4/19/17

Under the Stars

This is the prologue to another work I will be writing someday: The Fall of Jiharel. It's probably my favorite story idea rattling around upstairs. I've also got material which is a bad first chapter of the narrative proper, but none of that is really ready for reading. I do like my prologue to the piece, though, and hope you all find enjoyment from it

Review – The Shadow of What Was Lost (2016 Edition)

James Islington's debut novel, The Shadow of What Was Lost, begins as a deceptively stereotypical coming-of-age fantasy. However, it doesn't take long for the story to develop, and breathe fresh life into well-used tropes of the genre. Even with a slightly unsatisfying climax, I deeply enjoyed this book as a whole. It's a good fantasy, and a great adventure. 8/10.