First Draft done!

Hello, Internet!

I just finished the first draft of The Rule of Iron. Like, ten minutes ago. Literally. It feels really, really weird. It came out to 68k words almost exactly, which gives me plenty of space to tinker and add to it, if needed. It’s utter crap, there’s tons of questions left at the end (the story ends in a satisfying way, but the plot isn’t exactly done). That may change over the course of editing and revision, but I think it probably won’t.

Everything important about Ajax’s personal story and journey through the course of the book is told, I think. The events of the plot are left hanging a bit, but he’s accomplished a lot as a person. Character. Whatever.

It’s a really weird feeling. Super weird. I have a finished book (Draft of a book. Whatever). I never seriously believed that I might say those words just a month and a half ago – I chose to try NaNoWriMo kind of on a whim.

This wasn’t even the one, really big story I wanted desperately to tell. It was a secondary one because I wanted to wait to tell the big one right (I’ll just say that for now, it’s called Jiharel. No, you can’t know more about it right now). Obviously I care about this story at least a bit if I wrote OVER SIXTY THOUSAND FREAKING WORDS about it. Seriously, that’s probably more words than I speak in a week. I’m not very talkative.

Well. I’m planning to print it out, and when I do I’ll post pictures. Mostly because I want to brag – but isn’t that kind of what the Internet and social media are for, anyway?

Holy crap I wrote a book.


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