Weekly Update – 5/4/17

Hello, Internet!

This week was a bit haphazard, with the switchover from Camp NaNoWriMo in April (aka, Camp Research-because-you-don’t-know-what-you’re-doing) to May, where I’m planning to try just bearing down as hard as I can on The Rule of Iron. Overall I feel pretty satisfied with my progress, slow though it is.

I finished the line edits on another chapter, although that does leave me with about two chapters and change to put into my second draft’s Word document. I think they qualify as line edits, anyway; I’m just sort of going along and seeing how it all works out. Got stuck for a bit, then realized I just needed to cut two pages, save a few descriptions, and move on with my life. Just one more chapter to go over with pen, and then I’ll have Act One (from the beginning up to the inciting incident of the main plot) done.

It may be unwise, but I’m planning to print those five-ish chapters out, and go over them again when done. I’ve had to write in about two scenes (at present), so giving them a second glance feels appropriate before I start hunting out people to read my work.

Currently, I’ve set a goal for myself (using NaNoWriMo’s goal tracker) to have 40,000 words of second draft completed in my Word document at the end of May.

How hard can that be? Right?

God I hate editing.


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