Weekly Update – 11/15/17

Hello, Internet!

I’m going to be super-short because it’s here. Oathbringer is here. It’s sitting on the desk right next to me, staring at me, TAUNTING ME.

But I owe y’all an update, so that’s happening.


I read stuff. Mostly school stuff, and some Aristophanes. The Birds was funnier than I expected, and Lysistrata is still great.

Reading Oathbringer this week.


I’m at about 18k words on my NaNo project. It’s lousy, but a lot of fun to write. I needed to do more prep than I did this time (the prep I did for Rule last year feels like either just enough, or not quite enough), especially for developing the “magic” system.

I’ve got other priorities this year, too, which is heavily impacting my NaNo attempt. I’m going to get to work revising my Alcibiades piece (which is due for class the 25th) until it’s done, or done-ish. Frankly, that’s more important than the novel (much less a novel that can’t decide what it wants to be).

I’ll probably spend more time talking about my NaNo another time this month.

In Review

Last Week: The Power of Ten Thousand Words was my post, so I suppose it was just “Read stuff, write stuff.” In which case – accomplished!

This Week: Read Oathbringer. Revise Alcibiades.

Okay, done my job. Gonna go read. See you next week.


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