Weekly Update – 10/4/17

Hello, Internet!

Honestly, I don’t have a lot to report this week. I’m easily distracted, and was distracted by game stuff this week. I’ve been playing in a RuneQuest game now for about a year, year and a half, but I haven’t run a tabletop in some time. A few friends have been looking for a group, so I’ve been re-reading and re-learning the rules to the Mistborn Adventure Game.

My friends are letting me dig games out of my “not-Dungeons-and-Dragons-variants” shelf. They love me so much.

Still, reading a game book takes a lot of time and mental processing power, and I’ve chosen to prioritize it over my other reading this week. I’m not a particularly social creature and I ought to interact with other humans when I can.


As might have been implied from my rambly intro, I did not get to The Dragonbone Chair this week. Like, at all. I’m a little disappointed – because I didn’t meet my goal – but not deeply disappointed. Sometimes life gives you opportunities and it becomes worth changing priorities around.

I’m going to set aside Chair. It’s a good book, a well-known book, one written in a style I want to fiddle with, but (speaking of priorities) I want to make sure I get through The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance before Oathbringer comes out. Even though I’m re-reading it’s still a ton of pages, enough that I can’t really cram it into a week before Oathbringer drops.

If you’re into tabletop RPGs, I think the Mistborn one is worth checking out. It’s really heavily focused on narrative-heavy, rules-lite gameplay, more about building an exciting story than about simulation of a fantasy world.

(This wide spread of varieties of tabletop games is a big part of why I love them.)

The system is just based on d6s (your standard six-sided die), and the general mechanics are pretty simple. My biggest critique thus far is that the game has required a lot from me as the Narrator (their term for Game Master) to explain the setting, since none of my players have read a Mistborn book.


I’ve done the barest amount of writing for me this week. I finished the first course of my MFA program and spent most of my writing time on the final paper. Not unpleasant, but hardly anything of note, either.

Going forward, I think I’ve got a pretty clear summary of writing priorities and goals:

  1. Classwork. Of course. My current class is on creative nonfiction, and in a few weeks I’ll be required to submit something to our student workshop. I have no clue what, exactly, but odds are I’ll be flexing my history or philosophy muscles again. Probably history, since while I love philosophy I’m not sure I’ll be able to avoid making it academic & dry. I’ve got a few ideas stewing, regarding the Late Bronze Age systems collapse around 1170BCE, the Hittites, or the story of Alcibiades during the Peloponnesian War.
  2. Write up an adventure for Mistborn. I’ve got some pretty well-formed ideas in mind, but just need to hash them out and scribble notes, maps, characters and so on down on actual paper. I don’t know if Mistborn has an OGL, but if it does I can see myself trying to refine & publish any adventures I write. I’ve had a passing interest in writing for game design & module design for some time now.
  3. Figure out my NaNoWriMo 2017 project. I’ve got a grab-bag of ideas at the moment for a story I’m currently calling The Wizard Did It, although that’s more just a bad D&D reference than a good title. Basically, the general idea is science wizards in the 23rd century, although I’m feeling something more thriller or James Bond-ish for a plot. There’s a LOT of details to be worked out here.

In Review

Last Week: Schoolwork, and read The Dragonbone Chair. Half-and-half complete; schoolwork was completed as required, but I chose to set aside Chair for other priorities. Hopefully I’ll be able to/I’ll remember to return to it after Oathbringer.

This Week: Prepare an adventure for Mistborn (I’d like to get a couple weeks’ worth of material pounded out all at once if possible) and be reading The Way of Kings. Oh, and schoolwork. Duh.


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