Weekly Update – 4/4/18

Hello, Internet! Sometimes a book, TV show, or series of films enters my life. Occasionally it's expected (or half-expected). More often, it's a pleasant surprise. In any case, it almost always derails what I had in mind for my immediate future. Such was this week. Reading This week, I spent much of my time reading┬áThe … Continue reading Weekly Update – 4/4/18

Review – Trial of Intentions (2015)

Trial of Intentions (Book Two of the Vault of Heaven) is a long, complicated novel. There is a lot to enjoy, but also may be a lot which frustrates some readers. The villains are very well written, and the setting is excellent, but I found that the heroes often felt lackluster. Trial of Intentions is a fantasy in the grand saga style, but which is likely to only interest readers of its own genre. 6/10.

Review – The Unremembered (2011)

Peter Orullian's debut novel is a gem in the rough. Marred by substantial structural similarities to The Eye of the World, the details of the world's lore and magic combined with a tight focus on the choices made lead this novel to life of its own. The Unremembered is a good book for anyone who enjoys Quest fantasy, but probably ought to be left aside by those who don't. 7/10