Weekly Update – 9/21/17

Hello, Internet!

I’ve got about twenty minutes to tap this out, so I’m going to try being quick and brief (like that’s gonna happen, right?).

Here we go!


As promised, I continued to procrastinate this week in reading Schlock Mercenary. I’ve caught up with the comic’s archive, and by and large it’s been a fun, weird trip. The question still remains if it counts as procrastination if I enjoyed it and maybe picked up more storytelling tidbits from it (but probably yes).

Tayler does a good job writing a long, dramatic saga-style plot as a subplot within each ‘volume’ of the comic. As a reader, I was aware that it was happening, and that each mission the mercenaries went on was connected to it, but it never felt particularly forced.


I’ve continued chipping away at “An Early Harvest”, but I ought to pick up my pace. The class I’m currently taking for my writing MFA wants a short work (under 15 pages) due Tuesday to practice workshopping one another’s writing.

Rule is about 180, and “Thrun” came out to 20 pages typed.

So, I gotta get cracking. I’m about 6 pages into “Harvest”, I believe, so I can’t get too into it, either. Still, I’m looking forward to getting to work on it. It’s a nice little piece.


Speaking of comics (ignore the ‘Writing’ section above) I recently watched Axe Cop on Hulu. It’s based on an early webcomic by the same name (which I’ve never read, actually), and is about a police officer who uses an axe. And is named Axe Cop.

The gimmick is that while it was written by a 30 year-old artist and writer, all of the ideas came from his 5 year-old little brother. This manifests with Axe Cop being omnipotent and childish, while the world around him tries to cope.

It’s pretty amazing. Each episode is only 10 minutes, so I’d recommend checking one out. However, if you don’t like one, you probably won’t like the rest – it’s mostly the same thing each show.

In Review

Last Week: Read stuff, write stuff, make sure schoolwork gets done.

This Week: Read stuff, write stuff, make sure schoolwork gets done.

Wow, that was easy!


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