Weekly Update – 3/22/17

Hello, Internet!

I feel like this week has been at least fairly productive. Got a bunch of reading done on my Perseus project. There’s not much more than a week left before Camp NaNoWriMo begins, so I really need to get my materials together!

I’ve got a budding list of characters and a fair amount of information rattling around in my brain for the project. In addition, I’ve also got a few ideas for specific scenes and mechanics for how I want the setting to work. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m planning to write this as a historical fantasy; I want the setting to be as true to the chronology and timeline of the myths and Mukenaian Greece as possible – while at the same time acknowledging that these stories do not cohere with one another!

Clearly, this is more research than can reasonably be done in a few weeks. Ho-hum.

Apart from searching out answers where there’s not yet a scholarly consensus, I feel like work has been steady. Finished editing Chapter Three of The Rule of Iron but I didn’t get to entering it into my second draft document. Also managed to get a bit of work done on Chapter Four.

For reading recommendations, the only thing I read this week worth mentioning (unless you’re really into Classical scholarship) is Perseus, by Richard Matturo. Sometimes it’s helpful to read another author’s take on an old story; if you’re interested in reading the Perseus myth in a more lively fashion, I’d give this a shot. It’s fairly short, but a fun read. I really liked Matturo’s interpretation of Hermes, even if I doubt I’ll be choosing to do anything similar myself.

Over the next week, I’m planning to continue the reading coma – depending on access to sources; I read through everything I had set out for myself last week – and to get at least the bare bones of an outline in preparation for Camp NaNo. I’d love to get some more work done on Rule‘s first 5 chapters, but I’m not sure that’s realistic while trying to prepare for a writing marathon.


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