Behind the Scenes #1

January’s over, so I’ve posted a “Behind the Scenes” update over on my Patreon talking about my recent work. This month’s post is free for anyone to read, but future updates won’t be. Patrons currently also get early access to articles, reviews, etc. which will eventually be published here. I’m hoping to integrate more of my work to be available early access—or even patron exclusive—in the future.

In this month’s update, I talk a bit about my transition to writing full-time, and my current fiction projects (including a new RuneQuest adventure for the Jonstown Compendium).

In related news, my magic items compendium Treasures of Glorantha Volume One: Dragon Pass is nearing its Gold bestseller medal on DriveThruRPG. To help spur sales along, here’s a discount code for $5 off of the Print On Demand edition. But there’s only enough uses for the book to cross that threshold. If you think it looks up your alley, better off buying now, rather than later.

Until next time, then.

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