Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sales

DriveThruRPG is running a site-wide sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Interested in picking up some Glorantha Goodness for your games of RuneQuest? I recommend checking out these great deals available from Akhelas’s library of publications:

  • Treasures of Glorantha: An Electrum bestselling collection of thirty Gloranthan magic items detailed with history and myth to interweave with the game’s rich setting, supplemented with three longer articles. PDF—$10.02 for 61 pages. Also available Print On Demand!
  • MOTM Volume 1: This bundle collects 12 issues of Monster of the Month into one package. Features include zombie ducks, magical storm rams, and a full adventure featuring the legendary Quacken! PDF—$14.00 for 142 pages.
  • MOTM Volume 2: Our second year of Monster of the Month is chock-full of goodies for gamemasters! Six highly detailed Rune Masters (including motivations, tactics, and magic items) are rounded out by malevolent air spirits, dwarven machines, and other mysterious monsters. PDF—$26.28 for 240 pages.

If you’re shopping for a loved Glorantha gamer and not sure what to purchase, I suggest getting them a gift card for DriveThruRPG. With the great diversity and quality available from the Jonstown Compendium, they’ll surely find a wonderful addition to their RuneQuest collection.

Happy Holidays!

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