REVIEW: Six Paths

Well-written and beautifully presented. Six Paths discusses gender, sex, and sexuality with nuance and care. What drew me most in this supplement is the integration of gender with the Orlanthi religion. Six Paths goes above-and-beyond other LGBT-advocacy publications by entwining its material with established lore of the setting. This is well-developed through a collection of short myths throughout the supplement. My favorite is the titular myth about the Six Paths, and how the Heortlings came to embrace gender identities in the model of their deities.

This work could use a slight proofread, but in general the text’s polish is several steps above my imagination’s “community content baseline,” and I’ve read several “professional” publications which were less refined. Katrin Dirim’s artwork – quickly becoming iconic in the Glorantha community – generously illustrates the work, and supplements this piece admirably.

If you aren’t interested in using the topics of gender or sexuality in your game of RuneQuest, this book honestly doesn’t have a lot to offer. That’s not a complaint! Merely an observation for other customers. Even in that case, I do encourage you to consider picking up Six Paths anyway. At the creator’s suggested price point, it’s hard to lose out. I don’t really anticipate bringing material from Six Paths to my game tables. Nonetheless it was a fascinating read. As a fellow creator on the Jonstown Compendium, I expect that Six Paths will earn its place dozens of times over in the “RuneQuest Reference” section of my bookshelves.


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