Kickstarter — The Tomb of Palu

Oh man, I am so excited to share this one.

An adventure I wrote is being published by Menagerie Press! It’s currently on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, where you can back us and help fund the book’s publication.

The Tomb of Palu is a mythic adventure where beginning D&D 5E adventurers explore the tomb of a forgotten god, with epic stakes—your actions can change the cosmos! If you like my stuff for RuneQuest over on the Jonstown Compendium, I bet you’ll like this adventure, too. My basic pitch to the publisher was “I’ll write you a 5E adventure, but with RuneQuest-style themes.”

I’m completely gruntled that this project has finally surfaced to the light of day. It was my major project this past summer, and I’ve been looking forward to sharing it ever since delivering the manuscript.

I hope you help support Menagerie Press, and enjoy exploring the tomb!


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