Weekly Update -3/1/17

Hello, Internet!

Work is progressing on The Rule of Iron. Slowly, but it’s progressing. I’m reaching the “Oh, **** this” phase of working on the dang novel, but it ought to pass. To those of out there who also write, I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling.

I’ve made moderate progress on a major rewrite. As I’ve mentioned before (I think?) I’m rewriting pretty much the first third in an attempt to thread an extra plotline into the story and enhance the importance of a few originally tertiary characters. I think the general idea is good, but working on it can be pretty draining.

In addition, I started doing a second pass over the text of my first draft. One of the realizations I’ve had is that without a concrete and measurable goal, it’s difficult for me to remain focused on my work. My goal for this week was to work on the rewrite, and to finish my close pass over my first chapter. I’ve accomplished this. I haven’t gotten the changes put into the manuscript yet, but there’s ink covering the page. Odds are I’ll post a picture of that mess over on my Twitter or Facebook one of these days. Looking back at the pages after I’ve murdered them with ink usually gives me a chuckle.

Haven’t gotten much reading of substance done, but if I stumble across anything good, you’ll find out next week! I’m also planning to do a close pass over chapter two of Rule while continuing to work at that long rewrite.

Still need to figure out how to connect that rewrite back up with the rest of my text. Ugh.

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