Introductory Waffling

Hello, Internet!

Thinking I might try writing, both on small scales and larger ones. I attempted and won NaNoWriMo for the first time this year while writing a story called The Rule of Iron. The experience was very enjoyable – in part due to some new friends I made along the way. They tend to gather over at Narrator Neighborhood, and you should check them out.

This’ll all end up over in the About section anyways, but my goals are more on content creation than spamming a bunch of blog posts (once I get this site actually operating). So, I’m looking to do one something each week while chipping away at larger projects. It might be a review, it might be an op-ed type article, or me just straight-up blathering in the Internet’s general direction. I imagine that you’ll occasionally get excerpts and peeks at bigger projects I’m attempting, too.


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